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Simple. Clear. Friendly. 

Whether it's commercials, on hold messages, voice mail prompts, or explainer videos, Rachanee has voiced many projects like these for clients just like you.

Witty. Whimsical.

Or maybe you need to bring an animated character to life. Rachanee's done that too! 

Exciting and Engaging Audiobook Narration.

With expertise narrating YA, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Romance, Rachanee brings your book to life with solid pacing and acting skills and proficiency in an array of accents.


Rachanee's Writing projects

What people are saying:

"The pace, the speed, the tempo of the podcast was perfect. I... hung on to every second, every word, every syllable."

Nick Weaver, reviewer at The ReguRaters Podcast, about Ex Pat

Podcast Final Design 02.14.20.jpg

Ex Pat- a scripted comedy podcast

A comedy about an interracial and international romance between a Filipina American gal and an Irish guy and the culture clash that happens as a result.

debut fantasy novel coming soon

A princess must find her long-lost father before her stepfather destroys her kingdom. But how can she fully trust her allies, when she knows she must betray them?

other writing projects

Comedy Sketches:

Spouse Switch

Game Night

A Gentleman's Interview

Really? Welcome to Sweden



I was born on a snowy day in Michigan (I'm just guessing, but since it was winter, it's a pretty good guess). I was always playing let's pretend and creating things; at my 4th grade birthday party I wrote a play and made all my friends participate in it. (No performance = no cake.) I pursued a degree in photojournalism but took a detour into an independent music career. Four albums, over 1000 shows, lots of car miles and a few awards later, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in... acting. (You thought I was going to say music, weren't you?)​

I trained in comedy (both writing and acting), honing my witty and whimsical style for my work in TV, film, and voiceovers. On-camera work includes Stevie TV (VH1), Buzzfeed, College Humor, and online sketches for Things Get Dicey and for ​dating coach Matthew Hussey.

Voiceover clients include Google, TizZ Tutor, Fair Housing Center for Rights and Research, and Embr Wave. Character VO work includes the voice of Yu Yan in Swan Princess 10: A Royal Wedding, scripted podcasts Ex Pat and Georgie Romero is Done For, and the webcomic The Glove. I've also narrated several audiobooks in the YA Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Romance genres.

My Source Connect ready home studio includes a Rode NT1, Audio Technica MB-3000L, and Maono USB mic.

And my journalism roots run deep - I still write, mostly romantic comedies and sketches. My scripted comedy podcast, Ex Pat, debuted in March 2020 on all major podcast platforms. My first fantasy novel will be released soon.



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