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Actress and voiceover artist RACHANEE LUMAYNO is also the author of the exciting new YA Fantasy series, Kingdom Legacy. 

Heir of Secrets and Spectres_final.jpg

I thought planning a wedding would be easy, but I was so wrong.


“Farrah … There are important matters that we must discuss. Please return home soon.”

The Fae part of my heritage demands that I need to get my estranged Fae father’s blessing before I wed. I haven’t seen him in years, and I don’t know where in Faerie he is, but if I don’t get his blessing, it will turn into a curse that will eventually poison my upcoming marriage.

But Faerie is no place for humans. For some unknown creature is creating havoc in Faerie, killing its citizens—and the chaos is spreading into the human world and my home country, Shonn.

The Seelie Court needs to elect a new king or queen. And to get that elusive blessing, the Seelie Court’s interim leader, High Chancellor Lord Chela, has made me his representative in the upcoming Trials to find their new ruler.

The hopefuls’ task? Find the creature responsible for the murders around Faerie.

Before it finds us.


Journey to the Gifted Lands, a fantasy world of seven kingdoms, each known for their own unique power or ability. Heir of Secrets and Spectres is the fifth book in the Kingdom Legacy series set in this magical world. Each book features a new character from one of the kingdoms, with appearances from beloved characters from previous novels.


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