Hi, and thanks for stopping by!

If you're on this page, I'm guessing it's because you're curious about me. Well, I'm curious about you too! So let me tell you a bit about me, and if it resonates with you, let's work together!

I was born on a snowy day in Michigan (I'm just guessing, but since it was winter, it's a pretty good guess). I was always playing let's pretend and creating things; at my 4th grade birthday party I wrote a play and made all my friends participate in it. (No performance = no cake.) I pursued a degree in photojournalism but took a detour into an independent music career. Four albums, over 1000 shows, lots of car miles and a few awards later, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in... acting. (You thought I was going to say music, weren't you?)

While comedy is my main thing, I also do voiceovers and (mostly) anything TV and film. Some of my favorite projects include playing a harried employee on Stevie TV; being a delusional girlfriend in a Matthew Hussey video; helping people navigate their Google Pixel 4 in an explainer video; and voicing a cartoon princess in an upcoming animated feature film.

My journalism roots run deep though - I still write, mostly romantic comedies and sketches. My scripted comedy podcast, Ex Pat, debuted in March 2020.